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A West Island Family Resource Portal

Welcome to WestIslandKids.com. This resource center and information portal is filled with useful maps, tips, suggestions and ideas for both parents and children living in Montreal’s West Island. If you are a parent raising children on the West Island this website is for you.

Interactive Maps

You will find a collection of interactive maps pinpointing useful places in and around the West Island. They’re conveniently grouped into categories such as Sports, Family Activities, and Services. Each category is then subdivided into more specific topics such as Birthday Party Planning, or Preschools or Day Trip Ideas. If you are raising children you will no doubt have similar questions and needs as most parents. Where can I sign them up for sports activities. What can I do with them during the summer? Which restaurants are family friendly? WestIslandKids.com provides answers to these questions and many more.

Community Events

If you want to know what events are going on in either your community or one nearby check WestIslandKids.com for information on events in the community.

Enjoy the site and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions, additions, or corrections to any information you find on this site.

The WestIslandKids.com Team