Montreal Museums For Kids

Montreal Museums For Kids:

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 Montreal Museums For Kids

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Here are some museums located in and around Montreal that children would find interesting.

Montreal Museums

Kids Museum

Musée Pour Enfants

3805 Curee Labelle Blvd.

Laval, Quebec

450 681-4333

This museum is suitable for children from 2 to 7 years old. Discover a variety of trades and professions through interactive educational displays.

Website: Kids Museum

Montréal Biodôme

Biodome of Montreal

4777 Pierre-de-Coubertin

Montreal, Quebec

514 863-3000

The Montreal Biodome is a museum that features a variety of eco-systems found around the world. You can walk through exhibits featuring a tropical rain forest, the Laurentians, St. Lawrence River marine life and antarctic wildlife. This indoor zoo is great for days when the weather outside is less than ideal.

Website: Montreal Biodome

Montréal Insectarium

Montréal Insectarium

4581 Sherbrooke East

Montreal, Quebec

514 872-1400

The Montreal Insectarium has an extensive collection of live as well as mounted insects on display. Explore the diverse world of insects and develop your knowledge in the field of entomology. Your children will love interacting with these exhibits.

Website: Montreal Insectarium

Montréal Planetarium

Montreal Planetarium

1000 rue Saint-Jacques West

Montreal, Quebec

514 872-4530

The mission of the Montreal Planetarium is to familiarize and teach people about astronomy. Each year the planetarium features several astronomical shows. Check the website for details about current shows being presented.

Website: Montreal Planetarium