Are You Looking For Some Children’s Camp Ideas For This Summer?

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It’s time for the 13th annual camp fair being held this Sunday February 16th from noon to 4:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire and admission is free!

The Camp Fair brings together representatives of summer camps from Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Held at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, this FREE event will give parents a chance to meet the staff from various day and residential (sleepover) camps.

The Camp Fair is a great timesaver if you don’t have the time to visit camps individually or do extensive research online. Staff and directors attending the fair will be displaying photos, showing video footage and handing out brochures. If parents find a summer program that interests them, most camps will allow you to sign your child up on the spot.

The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire is located at 6700 Trans Canada Highway (Highway 40 & St. Jean Blvd.)

 Youth Stars Summer Camp at Riverdale

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If you are looking for a summer camp for your children one will be held at Riverdale High School between July 2nd and August 16th 2013.

The camp is for children ages 5 to 12 and will offer a variety of activities including dance, sports, arts, music and yoga. Camp hours are from 9 am to 4 pm but daycare will be available from 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

You can download the Summer Camp Poster, visit the website at or call (514) 800-9746 for more information.

 Did you overschedule your kids today?

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With the best of intentions parents may be creating a generation of stressed-out, over-stimulated and exhausted kids. With school, homework, sports and other extra-curricular activities there’s no room for any free unstructured downtime in a typical child’s life.

The idea of course is that parents want to maximize their children’s experiences, give them every advantage possible in the belief that this will give them an edge when they become adults.

What is often forgotten is that during the unscheduled, just hanging around times, children are still developing, learning and discovering on their own. More importantly, it gives them an opportunity to recharge so they are better equipped to handle, appreciate and benefit from their next activity.

If you fear you may be falling into the overscheduling trap, take a look at this article entitled 12 warning signs that your child is overscheduled.

You can also look at The Joy of Doing Nothing for some helpful tips and A guide to choosing extra-curricular activities a grade by grade guideline for selecting appropriate activities.

 Cold Weather and Winter Sport Safety

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Kids love winter. Whether it’s skiing, skating, sledding or just having fun in the snow, they embrace winter wholeheartedly. In fact, they are often having so much fun they fail to recognize some of the dangers of winter.

Frostbite and Hypothermia

Frostbite most frequently ocurs on fingers, toes, ears, noses and cheeks. The affected area is very cold, tingle or numb and the skin is white or yellowish grey. The condition is usually made worse if the skin is wet. To learn more about frostbite, how to treat it and how best to prevent it take a look at this article on Frostbite.

Hypothermia is a condition where your entire body temperature reaches a dangerously low level. This can occur when you spend a long period of time in cold weather especially if your clothing is wet or you are not well dressed. You can find out more about hypothermia and get some excellent prevention tips by reading this article on Understanding the symptoms, treatment and prevention of Hypothermia.

The Center for Disease Control has also put together a Guide to Dealing With Extreme Cold which covers planning for winter, outdoor winter safety and dealing with cold weather health emergencies.

Winter Sunscreen

One final point to remember is the need for sunscreen when playing outside in winter. It may seem counter-intuitive to be concerned about sunburns but the danger from UV exposure is still an issue. Snow can reflect over 80 percent of the suns UV rays. On sunny days remember to apply sunscreen on your child’s face if they will be playing outside.

Enjoying Winter

By taking a few of these simple steps you can make sure that your children have a safe and enjoyable time playing outside this winter.