Book Stores on the West Island

Book Stores on the West Island:

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 Bookstores on the West Island

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A map of bookstore locations in the West Island of Montreal.

Is it possible that there are only three? If you know of any others leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the map.

If worse comes to worse, you can always shop at an Online Bookstore.

Book Stores

Babar Book Store

46 Ste. Anne #6

Pointe Claire, Quebec

514 694-0380

Located in Pointe Claire Village, this independent bookstore offers a variety of books for children as well as adults.


6321 Trans Canada Blvd.

Pointe Claire, Quebec

514 428-5500

Clio Bookstore

Plaza Pointe Claire

269 St. Jean Boulevard.

Pointe Claire, Quebec

514 695-5557

Located in the new section of the shopping center, this bookstore has a small section of children's books.