West Island Outdoor Swimming Pools

West Island Outdoor Swimming Pools:

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 Swimming Pools (Outdoor)

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Here is a list of Outdoor Swimming Pools on the West Island.

Also, read how Windermere Pool Went Eco-Friendly with the help of Go Green InStages.

West Island Swimming Pools (outdoor)

Baie d'Urfe Aquatic Club

20613 Lakeshore Road

Baie d'Urfe, Quebec

(514) 457 1901

Website: Baie d'Urfe Aquatic Club

Ballantyne Pool

520 Bouchard

Dorval, Quebec

(514) 633-4003

Website: Ballantyne Pool

Beacon Hill Pool

110 Harwood Gate

Beaconsfield, Quebec

Website: Beacon Hill Pool

Beaconsfield Heights Pool

275 Allancroft

Beaconsfield, Quebec

Website: Beaconsfield Heights Pool

Beaurepaire Pool

545 Beaurepaire Drive

Beaconsfield, Quebec

(514) 697-6876

Website: Beaurepaire Pool

Briarwood Pool

12421 Pavillon

Pierrefonds, Quebec

(514) 696-8110

Website: Briarwood Pool

Cedar Park Pool

22 Robinsdale Avenue

Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Website: Cedar Park Pool

Club Aquatique Ville Ile Perrot

Ecclestone Pool

110 Granada

Kirkland, Quebec

Website: Ecclestone Pool

Elm Park Pool

532 Montcalm

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec


Website: Elm Park Pool

Fairview Pool

345 Blue Haven

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

(514) 620-8401

Website: Fairview Pool

Forest Village

457 Spring Garden

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

Glenmore Pool

120 Glenmore

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

(514) 683-2765

Website: Glenmore Pool

Lakeshore Pool

1 Crewe Road

Pointe-Claire, Quebec


Website: Lakeshore Pool

Lakeside Pool

13 Ovide

Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Website: Lakeside Pool

Pierrefonds Park

355 Rive Boisee

Pierrefonds, Quebec

Pincourt Aquatic Club

364 Olympique

Pincourt, Quebec

Website: Pincourt Aquatic Club

Senneville Pool

20 Morningside

Senneville, Quebec

Website: Senneville Pool

Sunnybrooke Pool

100 Cadman

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

(514) 421-2456

Website: Sunnybrooke Pool

Surrey Park Pool

1945 Parkfield

Dorval, Quebec

(514) 633-4004

Website: Surrey Park Pool

Thorndale Pool

14921 Oakwood

Pierrefonds, Quebec

(514) 500-9743

Valleycrest Pool

4600 Des Cageux

Pierrefonds, Quebec

Website: Valleycrest Pool

Valois Pool

40 Valois Bay Avenue

Poine-Claire, Quebec

Website: Valois Pool

Versailles Pool

13207 rue Desjardins

Pierrefonds, Quebec

(514) 620-1971

Website: Versailles Pool

Viking Lakeside Heights

1 Viking Avenue

Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Website: Viking Lakeside Heights Pool

Walters Pool

1400 Dawson

Dorval, Quebec

(514) 633-4005

Website: Walters Pool

West Park Pool

100 Wilson

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

(514) 684-1360

Website: West Park Pool

Westminster Pool

531 Westminster

Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec

(514) 426-2096

Website: Westminister Pool

Windermere Pool (Beaconsfield)

Website: Windermere Pool